Our mission

Our mission is to catalyze early-stage investment in high-tech startups by providing our community of investors and entrepreneurs with a set of essential tools, processes, and educational resources to unleash their full potential to generate wealth and improve the quality of life.

Our Team

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Adrian Erimescu

Saints Keeper

Adrian Gheorghe

The Prophet

Andrei Munteanu

Angels Keeper

Ciprian Man

Angels Keeper

Dan Bugariu

Growth Navigator

Radu Ticiu

Angels Propeller

Stevanca Vieru

Deal Wizard

Val Muresan

Fire Starter

What makes us different

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Our pitching events are different
We have a clear process to help investors to connect and evaluate investment decisions together.
We also provide structured feedback to entrepreneurs after each pitching session.
Investment process
Our investment process is different
We provide investors full support in executing a VC-level due diligence process, and then we take care of all the bureaucratic effort to create and manage the SPVs. So you can focus on building a high-performance portfolio.
Friendly & ethical
We're friendly & ethical
We're fair, open, friendly, and eager to help. We treat everybody with respect. Always.

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